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Celebrating our anniversary year

Although the world has changed since those Victorian days, one thing that still connects us with our history is that engineers continue to solve many of the challenges facing communities across the globe – making an ongoing difference to the world around us.

Many people still don’t understand the work of engineers, or appreciate how much society depends on their skills and innovation to improve our world and make it more sustainable.

Our 150th anniversary gave us a fantastic opportunity to celebrate our rich history. We used it to engage and inspire young people so that engineering and technology were seen as a force for good and key to solving many of the biggest challenges facing our world.

We held a range of fun and creative activities throughout year, which we hope have sparked an ongoing conversation about the significant positive impact engineers are having, and will continue to have, on our world. Please join us in celebrating not only the engineering and technology achievements of the past 150 years, but also our ambition to inspire the next generation of engineers and technicians and deliver our mission; working to engineer a better world.