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What is #DifferenceMakers?

Launched to celebrate our 150th anniversary, this movement is all about telling stories of incredible people who are doing incredible things to engineer a better and more sustainable world

From videos and GIFs, to memes and TikToks, we’ll be reacting to topical news and telling unbelievable stories in an authentic and unexpected way, sharing the magic of engineering and technology behind the things we take for granted – especially when it comes to making greener choices or solving some of our greatest climate challenges!

We want to really connect with young people, especially those who aren’t familiar with STEM but who are passionate about changing the world, so we’ve created a unique visual identity and voice to speak to them on their platforms and using their language.

We’ll reach them through these stories of #DifferenceMakers,as well as through compelling partnerships to lean on the passion points of gaming, music and fashion.

We’re changing perceptions about how STEM can help us tackle these great global issues – from creating carbon negative clothing to cleaning the ocean floor. But more than that, we’re establishing a community of young #DifferenceMakers who will make a change themselves, however great or small, and inspire others to do the same.

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IET President for our 150th year, Professor Danielle George MBE, said:

“We want Difference Makers to show that we are all are key to safeguarding the health of our planet in the years to come. We hope to show a young audience that change is possible, and they can, quite literally, be the architects of it. They will be the disruptors of the future, solving the problems of tomorrow. By working together, we can make a world of difference.”

#DifferenceMakers are everywhere!

We continue to celebrate existing #DifferenceMakers of all ages, from the young and upcoming to the most honoured and respected in our field, with the theme underpinning all our activities internationally throughout our anniversary year.

Check out some phenomenal people who featured as guests in the 2020 President’s Address: 150 years of difference-makers, available to view on-demand.

We also used this special year as an opportunity to update our stairwell exhibition in IET London: Savoy Place, and asked the public to nominate pioneers and trailblazers from STEM past, present and future. Celebrating Impact recognises the true breadth and depth of incredible engineers and technologists that make up our industry - check out who made the final list.

Do you know a #DifferenceMaker?

These are people who, either through their research, profession or aspiration, are using engineering solutions to solve global challenges. They could be practising engineers inventing from their workplace or their shed, or community projects responding to local issues. They could be researchers at the forefront of innovation or even campaigners who are helping to change the world through their activism.

If this sounds like you or someone you know – please get in touch.