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IET@150 STEM Personality of the Year

We received tonnes of impressive nominations throughout July and August 2020, giving our judges a pretty tough time! The winner or winners will be announced in April 2021, and in May they will feature on the 150 show.

Nominators were automatically entered into a prize draw to receive an Apple iPad 32GB, and the winner of the prize draw was Nikhil Kulkarni from India. Congratulations!

STEM Personality: terms of reference

Self-nominations were not accepted.

Nominees could be of any nationality, from any country of residence, and did not need to be an IET member.

Nominations were to be confidential, should not have been advertised or discussed openly, and should not have been reported to the candidate.

Previous recipients of other IET Awards (excluding scholarships or bursaries), and current or previous Presidents and Trustees, were excluded from this award.

Nominations will be assessed by the IET@150 Project Steering Committee for recommendation to the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees.