The IET @ Expo 2020

Our 150 years of experience has taught us that engineering and technology is at the heart of prosperity and growth for any nation, and we’re committed to supporting the country through this journey: establishing a competitive knowledge economy with a first-rate education system, and reinforcing that the UAE is a great place to live, work and thrive.

We would like to be a trusted partner that supports the UAE’s long-term vision, as well as other countries in the Middle East, as they move towards an exciting and prosperous future.

What we do

We inspire the next generation of engineers and technologists to see science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) as a force for good and a career path which can change lives and solve societal challenges, and want to enable access to quality STEM learning for even more children globally. We also campaign for greater equality across the workforce, and run dedicated initiatives to engage with young girls and disadvantaged groups – encouraging them to pursue careers in this space.

We support both teachers and students, helping to develop skills which are valuable to both the engineering sector and global economy, and establish standards to recognise excellence – wherever you are in the world. This will be important in the UAE as it encourages more Emiratis into the workforce, and fosters cross-border innovation in academia, industry, government and beyond.

We also support engineers and technicians throughout their career, and their businesses, by providing training and development, networking opportunities, and global recognition of competence.

On top of this, our essential engineering intelligence provides access to the latest research and development around the world, supporting future innovation. Our current efforts focus on creating a more robust and accessible digital economy, and supporting initiatives to engineer a better, more sustainable world.